The Saharan Society is changing fast. Still a beautiful desert but not only.

Most populated cities such as Tamanrasset or Timbuktu are microcosms revealling all the problems of those former touristic regions: threats of terrorism, traffics, illegal migration, pressure on cultural and natural heritages.

The only ways to escape this harsh reality for Saharan and Tuareg's youth are cybercafés, mobile phone culture, festivals and "soirées guitares" celebrating their guitar heroes, the "Ishumar", such as Tinariwen, Terakaft, Bombino, Tamikrest, and many other bands.

In their song they celebrate the link between their desertic nature, old poetry, saharan culture and of course women, whose role is essential in their society.

Some texts may seem as a call for rebellion, but mainly those are calls for a self consciousness of their people, of their identity.

Music as a departure point to talk about contemporary saharan cultures, society, and evolution.

A Trans Saharan work 


Sahara Rocks! Book release : June 2015. Editions de Juillet 

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