A book on the Sahara today, its youth, its musicians, and their struggles.
A documentary work about a modern desert that rocks with the beat of electric guitars, rock and blues.

27 x 20,5 cm / 140 pages
79 duotone images

Photography and texts by Arnaud Contreras

English translation by Andy Morgan

ISBN : 9782365100434

Book release : September 2015
Editions de Juillet

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For 15 years, I have regularly traveled to the Sahara. Often with musicians or their relatives. They’re my first contact with the society. With the success of some of them, such as TinariwenBombino orTamikrest, a small window has been opened onto their lives.
I try, by my reports and documentaries, to share what I see with them of the Sahara today, well rooted in modernity.

 Through this book, by photos and texts, I invite you on a trip with those women and men, I want to share with you what I have learned by their side. I want to show you the « Ishumar » culture, from the French, « chômeur », « unemployed ». They have their own way of life, their musical style, their fashion. They move all around the Sahara, where ever they can find a job. With them we laugh a lot, making fun of ourselves and one another, even in the hardest times.

I also want to portray the modernity of young tuaregs, arabs, songhaï, and moors who share both good and bad news through their Facebook accounts and their cell phones.

I especially want to make you discover those contemporary saharan musics, the rock and the blues, which set the scene for their wandering, for their parties, for their fights.

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